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Lightning Vanuatu Program

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Submitted by Kini on September 28, 2016 - 11:03am
Project Information
Project Level: 
Project Status: 
Start Year: 
17 May 2010
End Year: 
30 June 2014

Lightning Vanuatu commenced on 1st May 2010 as a two year project. It sought to adress Vanuatu's "energy poverty" by increasing access by rural households to handheld solar lanterns, thereby reducing household dependency on the use of kerosene  for lightning. Lightning Vanuatu aims to deliver at least 24,000 solar lanterns through the use of supply side subsidy. This subsidy aimed to improve upstream finance, make solar lanterns more affordable, reduce the geographic challenges posed by remoteness, increase consumer awareness and improve product quality.

Lighting Vanuatu received Vt38.0m in grant funds. Funds wre managed by the Energy Department, and implemented by two Vanuatu NGOs, namely ACTIV and VANREPA, who already actively promoting and delivering pico-solar products throughout Vanuatu.

keywords: energy poverty, lighting Vanuatu

Type of Funding: 
Grant Aid

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