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Possible Future Power Supply Options for Apolima Tai, Samoa

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Submitted by Kini on May 9, 2016 - 11:35am
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Gerhard Zieroth, Renewable Energy Consultant, New Caledonia prepared this report for UNDP/UNESCO Samoa.

The objective of this study commissioned by UNDP to determine the feasibility of different power supply options for 24-hours power supply on Apolima Tai, Samoa. The report summarizes the results of field investigations conducted in co-operation with the Government of Samoa and Electric Power Corporation (EPC) representatives. The study includes a joint field trip to Apolima allowed consultation with all nine families on the island, comprehensive household survey that included socio-economic data and an inventory of existing electric appliances, and interviews conducted with the plant operator, the community leader and the church leader. At present, the island is supplied by a single phase, low voltage mini grid that shows very high specific fuel consumption and a poor record in revenue collection. Combined installed load of the Apolima system is less than 12 KW. In general, electricity is almost exclusively consumed for lighting and entertainment. Average monthly energy demand is approx. 350 KWh. The major conclusion from the study of alternatives is that the distributed solar solution is superior from almost all viewpoints and preferred by the author. The solution is technically simple, reduces the risk of total loss of power significantly as compared to all central solutions and involves the lowest economic cost under a variety of scenarios.

Gerhard Zieroth
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