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SREP Investment Plan of the Government of Solomon Islands

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Submitted by Kini on May 17, 2016 - 3:20pm
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This report was prepared by the Government of Solomon Islands. Village-level mini-grids provide a means of providing electrical energy of a quality and volume that supports income generation and opportunities in the cash-economy, that are not possible with simple household PV solar systems. There is some success in Solomon Islands over the last 20 years with local communities and Rural Electrification Service Companies (RESCOs) in developing mini-grids, most of which are based on micro-hydro technology, but with some using coconut oil biofuel and solar PV. Grid extensions and mini-grids will increase productive use of energy by allowing reliable, safe, low cost and high quality electricity for (i) productive activities during the evening, including improved education, (ii) access to communication, (iii) small retail ventures, (iv) communal freezers that can be used to preserve fish and make ice, so it can be shipped to market and generate income, and (v) handicrafts manufacturing.

Keywords: RESCOs, Solomon Islands, Rural Electrification, mini-grids

Government of Solomon Islands
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