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Vanuatu, Pre-Payment Meters: Revised Draft Decision Electricity Sector, June 2013

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Submitted by Ashiana Ali on May 21, 2015 - 3:56pm
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Vanuatu, Pre-Payment Meters:  Revised Draft Decision Electricity Sector, June 2013. Utilities Regulatory Authority. 

UNELCO submitted a revised proposal for the installation of new pre-payment meter technology in the Port Vila area. Before the new metering apparatus can be installed, it must be approved by the Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority). In addition, a new customer agreement for pre-payment customers is also included in the proposal. The use of a new customer agreement is also subject to approval by the Authority. The new proposal from UNELCO contains a substantial amount of new information. This document reviews the new proposal from UNELCO, describes the Authority’s draft decision and provides the reasons for its decision.

Utilities Regulatory Authority
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