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Vanuatu, Public Finance and Economic Management Act, 2006

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Submitted by Ashiana Ali on June 3, 2015 - 2:28pm
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Public Finance and Economic Management Act. Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu. Consolidated Edition 2006.
Commencement: 1 July 1998. Chapter 244 -  Public Finance and Economic Management.

An Act to:

  1. ensure effective economic, fiscal, and financial management and responsibility by Government;
  2. provide accompanying accountability arrangements, together with compliance with those requirements;
  3.  require the Government to produce –

(i) statements of economic policy;
(ii) confirmation of adherence to fiscal disciplines prescribed under this Act;
(iii) budget policy statements;
(iv) economic and fiscal forecasts and updates;
(v) financial management information;
(vi) comprehensive annual reports.

Government of Vanuatu
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