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Vanuatu - Rural Electrification of Port Resolution and White Sands

Activities Information
White Sands - Lapantawa
Port Resolution - Latukury
  1. Phase I  of the project, evaluation of the sites and collation of baseline data in 2014.
  2. Phase II - Procurement, installations & commission of the solar systems, delivered technical and simple book-keeping training and implementation of a business model for the solar shops.

Summary output :

  • 200 households  (average number of people in households is 6 therefore 1,200 people) have access to solar electricity in Port Resolution and White Sands.
  • Establishment of 2 community based micro business. 1 solar shops (charging station) in Port resolution and White sand
  • Improved access level to modern forms of lighting in the rural areas.
  • A total of 41 women were trained on simple book keeping and business operational of the solar shops.
  • 4 key women and 4 men (2 each from each community) were trained on the technical aspects of the lights and the operation of the charging
RE- Solar Off grid
Type of Activity: 
Technical assistance
Start Year: 
End Year: 

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