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Petroleum and Transport data

Class 2: Petroleum and Transport Data (from customs and petroleum companies)

  • Imports (by fuel type)
  • Bunkered Fuel
  • Fuel deliveries (by island and fuel type)
  • Fuel used for land transport (by island)
  • Fuel used for local shipping
  • Fuel used for local air transport
  • Kerosene delivered to each island
  • Outboard motor oil imported and/or sold (by island)
  • Characteristics of vehicles that have been imported (type of vehicle, engine size, year of manufacturer, status as to new or used)

Motor Vehicle Registration: 2001-2011 American Samoa

Frank Vukikomoala's picture
Submitted by Frank Vukikomoala on October 18, 2017 - 4:51pm

Data capture Annual records of Motor Vehicles registered from 2001-2011 in American Samoa. Categories listed include Bus, Rentals, Taxi, Cargo, Private Vehicles, Motor Bike, Trailers and government-owned Vehicles (ASG)

Source: Office of Highway Safety; Office of Property Management 


2010-2015: Solomon Islands Fuel Imports measured in Volume (ltr) and Value (SBD)

Submitted by Kuini Rabo on March 17, 2017 - 2:34pm

The data set provides a summary of Solomon Islands fuel imports (Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel & Aviation Kerosene, Household kerosene, Liquid Propane Gas (LPG), 2 stroke mixed oil). Fuel Imports data provided are measured in volumes (ltr) and value (SBD). The data also includes number of vehicles imported and its total value (SBD).

Energy Resouce Category: 
2010 -2015