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ADB Tonga Solar Lantern Project

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on June 8, 2016 - 3:08pm
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A team of Tonga Powerstaff, visited Ha’apai and donated a total of 620 solar lanterns to families in ‘Uiha, Ha’ano, Mo’unga’one and Lofanga. 

Though most part of Ha’apai have received electricity, other small islands are still without electricity such as Mo’unga’one and Lofanga. As a result, most of the people residing on the island are forced to depend on the light of kerosene lamps at night.

After the distribution of the solar lanterns, the villagers have become able to carry on their activities at night such as cooking, studying or to cope with certain emergency situations at night. The solar powered lanterns have an integrated FM and AM radio, mobile charger, light and a safety beacon that can improve the lives of families, who do not have access to ordinary electricity.

The distribution of solar lanterns led by Sione Pongi was completed successfully within 4 days, to the joy of many and thanks to the active assistance of the town and district officers. This donation brought the number of recipient villagers to 337, and 4 of which were Primary Schools located in Fakakai, Ha’ano, Mo’unga’one and ‘Uiha.

The Solar Lantern Project is funded by the Asian Development Bank at a total of USD$17,000 to assist the people in the villages of Ha’ano, Fakakai, Pukutala, Muitoa, ‘Uiha, Felemea, Mo’unga’one and Lofanga who were affected by Cyclone Ian early last year.

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