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Samoa, 2011 - 2013, Utility Data

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 17, 2015 - 2:50pm

This record captures utility data for Samoa from 2011 - 2013. Data is sourced from the Electric Power Corporation (EPC) via the Ministry of Finance - Division of Energy. Data captures generation from diesel and solar production, fuel consumption, peak load and minimum load, annual sales and production for both Upolu and Savaii grids. Data may contain technical inaccuracies or typological errors. Information may be changed or updated without notice by EPC or Energy Office. EDD/SPC does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, product or process disclosed. 

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utility, electricity, generation, Samoa, Upolu, Savaii, sales, production, fuel consumption
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electricity, utility
2011 - 2013