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Samoa Wind Resource Monitoring Data

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on February 4, 2016 - 4:34pm
  • PIGGAREP financed wind resources monitoring underway for Upolu and Savaii and resource assessment undertaken for Upolu.
  • EPC is conducting an ongoing assessment of Samoa’s wind energy potential. Masts for 10 metre and 30 metre measurements were installed at the Afuilo hydro site and at Aleipata on the coast.
  • In 2009 an assessment of the wind regime at the two sites was commissioned but since there were many gaps in the records, it was decided that any estimates would be inaccurate and more continuous data were needed. The data collected from both sites need further analysis to determine their actual potential. However, the mast at Aleipata was damaged during construction of a new wharf and is no longer functioning. The mast at Afulilo is still operating and collecting up-to-date data. Source: IRENA Lighthouse Country Report:
  • UNDP supported wind resource monitoring in Upolu, specifically at the Afuilo hydro site and at Aleipata on the coast. The installation report for Aleipata Port, Satitoa is attached below.
  • In addition UNDP supported a wind resource assessment for Upolu. The report Upolu (Samoa) Wind Resource Assessment from March 2009 is attached in the below.
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SPC has the raw data files for Samoa, but permission from the Energy Office is needed to access the data.