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Final On-Grid Report - Renewable Energy Supply to the Four Island Grids in Tonga 2010

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on January 12, 2016 - 10:03am
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Development partners are working with the GoT to develop and implement the Tonga Energy Road Map.  The relevant target established as part of the Tonga Energy Road Map is to achieve a 50% reduction in diesel consumption. This is considered technically feasible by 2014/15, through a combination of demand side management (DSM), efficiency improvements (loss reduction) at Tonga Power Limited (TPL) and introducing grid connected renewable energy supply.  However, there are constraints to achieving this target that will need to be managed.

This report specifically addresses the issues and options for utilising grid connected renewable energy in Tonga. Outputs from other studies being conducted under the Tonga Energy Roadmap development have also been incorporated into the findings where appropriate, in order to ensure an integrated approach is taken. Based on initial assessments, renewable energy options identified for Tonga are: landfill gas utilization, solar energy, biomass options and wind (although confirmation of the resource potential is required).  

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