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A Guide to Legislation and Regulation for Minimum Energy Perfomance Standards and Labelling (MEPSL) for Appliances & Lighting

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on November 9, 2015 - 10:20am
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Under the Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards (PALS) programme, several Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are introducing legislation for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Labelling, covering various types of electrical appliances, equipment and lighting. As MEPS and energy labelling are usually implemented together, legislation (and regulations) for this dual purpose are called “MEPSL” legislation in this Guide.

This document covers the main issues to be addressed in the drafting of legislation and regula tions to support MEPSL. Drafting is advanced in many PICs but it has not yet commenced in others, so this document contains the lessons learned from progress so far.

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