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KEMA Study - Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on August 18, 2016 - 2:26pm
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KEMA was contracted by the Pacific Power Association (PPA) to conduct an energy efficiency study titled: “Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities in South Pacific Utilities for 10 Southern Pacific Island Utilities and Utilities of the U.S. Affliate States (excluding US Virgin Islands) for 10 Northern Pacific Island Utilities. 

The project objectives and deliverables include:

  1. Quantify energy losses in the power system.
  2.  Prepare an Electrical Data Handbook containing electrical characteristics for all high voltage equipment.
  3. Prepare digital circuit model of the power system using EASY POWER, an established commercial package.
  4. Prepare a prioritized replacement list of power system equipment to reduce technical losses.
  5. Identify sources of non-technical losses.
  6. Recommendation strategies for reducing technical and non-technical losses.

Series of reports were produced by KEMA under this study. See Related Publications.

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