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Tonga Solar Energy Project - Mata 'o e La'a Solar Facility

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on June 8, 2016 - 3:50pm
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With Stabilizing Capacitor and Micro-Grid Control System. The Vaini Solar Facility is the first project of its kind in Tongatapu to introduce a micro grid control system to ensure that the facility works alongside the Maama Mai Solar Facility and with future renewable generation projects in Tonga. The project reduces dependency on diesel power generation for the country’s power supply and alleviates the risk of inflation of electricity charges. The power storage systems and microgrid controllers can make up for fluctuating output of renewable energy and stabilizes the grid power generation.

The Mata 'o e La'a Solar Facility is expected to provide the following statistics:

  • Total capacity - 1MW
  • Expected fuel savings - 327,000 litres of diesel per year
  • Carbon emissions reduced - over 886 tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduced along the life of the plant
  • Electricity demand  - meet 3% of Tongatapu's electricity demand
  • Total number of solar panels - 3840 solar panels
  • Fibre optic scale - 13km long between Vaini and the Popua power station
  • Technology - Mono crstalline panels fixed tilted and ground mounted
  • Power storage system - A total of 1MW lithium-ion capacitor banks with 0.5 MW installed at Vaini and a further 0.5 MW at Popua Power Station


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Grant Aid

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