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Tonga Village Network Upgrade Project (TVNUP)

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on August 10, 2016 - 10:32am
Project Information
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The overall objective of the project is to provide access to a safe, efficient and reliable electricity distribution network to all participating villages in the project, thus decrease the reliance on diesel fuel imports for Tonga as a result of increased efficiency gains of at least 16% by 2012 in the Project Area.  Project carried out in 3 phases.

TVNUP 1st Phase:

The project was launched in January 2012 and completed in August 2013, upgrading of low voltage networks and service connections to 17 villages. Over 2,400 customers of Tongatapu have benefited with new  home connections.

TVNUP 2nd & 3rd Phase:

The 5 years project will upgrade and renew the low voltage and high voltage networks of a further 33 villages and see over 7,000 famillites and businesses benefits. Replacement of around 8,400 poles, upgrades to 7,640 customers connections, the employment and training of 15 new staff.

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