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90kW Solar System Niue International Airport

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on August 18, 2016 - 12:14pm
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On the 1st May a 90kW solar system was formally opened at Niue International airport by the Premier Honourable Toke Talagi.

 The system was designed; supplied and installed by SEIAPI member CBS Power Solutions a Fijian based renewable energy company.  This project was funded by the European Union for the Government of Nuie.

 The system comprises of 3 SMA 10kW Tripower and 17 3kW Sunny Boys.  Originally the 17 single PHASE systems was to be deployed to water pumping stations, however due to land management issues, it was later decided to have all the solar systems installed at the one location i.e Nuie Airport site.  This brings the total solar power on the island of Niue to 341kW. Niue has a base load of approximately 380kW and peak load of 600 to 700kW. The power station comprises of 4 508kW generators. The recently installed PV systems means Niue now have one of the highest PV penetrations on a grid within the Pacific Region.

 The key benefits of this project reduced dependency of fossil fuel.  There will be saving on carbon emission and reduced fuel cost.  

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