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Action for the Development of Marshall Islands Renewable Energies (ADMIRE)

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Submitted by Administrator on May 10, 2015 - 1:55pm
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ADMIRE builds upon the work done in the PIREP, which was regional project development exercise to assess the barriers to the widespread application and commercialization of feasible renewable energy technologies (RETs) in the Pacific. The goal of the project is the reduction of the GHG emissions from the unsustainable uses of fossil fuels (primarily diesel fuel oil) in the RMI through the utilization of the country’s renewable energy (RE) resources. The project objective is the removal of barriers to the utilization of available RE resources in the country and application of renewable energy technologies (RETs). This project objective will be achieved through

  1. Increased number of RE hardware installations on the ground which enhances productivity and income generation
  2.  Enhanced institutional capacity to coordinate, finance, design, supply and maintain RE installations 
  3. Improved accessibility of capital for RE businesses
  4. Strengthened legal and regulatory instruments to support RE dissemination, financing and marketing, and
  5. Improved awareness, skills and knowledge.

In 2012, ADMIRE Programme shifted from OEPPC to the Ministry of Resources & Development.

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Grant Aid
Co-financing from the RMI Government

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