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ADB Feasibility Study Report - Yap Renewable Energy Project

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on February 4, 2016 - 10:33am
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ADB Technical Assistance Consultant's Report. Financed by the Asian Clean Energy Fund under the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility. Prepared by GHD Pty Ltd. in Australia for the ADB and Yap State Public Service Corporation (YSPSC). The feasibility study is directed at 3 technical components:

  1. 300kW solar energy
  2. 1.4 MW wind energy
  3. improved fuel efficiency using modern diesel engine of a size suited to the base load by YSPSC.

The solar installations will be mounted on the roofs of government buildings as (i) they are the least cost option; (ii) cyclone winds are least likely to cause damage; and (iii) the varying orientations of the roofs will benefit the stability of the grid. The wind installation will be delayed about one year or until confirmation is made of the wind resource. The installation will be on the ridge west of Merry Tower and will use machines that are typhoon resistant.

Because the existing diesels are oversized for night and weekend loads, their fuel efficiency is not as good as that of a modern engine operating near rated capacity. Although still using diesel fuel for generation, the addition of a smaller generator to handle the base load at night and during the weekends when loads are around 1,500 kW, will be cost effective because of its higher fuel efficiency and will help reduce fuel imports. Also as part of the study, there has been a complete study of the technical, financial and economic aspects of the project.

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keywords: Yap, feasibility, wind, solar, YSPSC, resource monitoring, vergnet, forecast, projection

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