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The Age of Renewable Power - Designing National Roadmaps For a Successful Transformation

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on October 14, 2015 - 8:32am
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This report focuses on the role that national policy makers will play in this transformation process. The main challenge being that there is not a single roadmap or technology that provides the solution. Each country situation is unique, and local solutions need to be found to support the transition towards a renewables-based power system. It is therefore very important that policy makers work together with generators, local system operators and electricity suppliers to collectively design the future.

The report provides a framework for the development of such roadmaps. The framework focuses on the process that determines the relevant grid integration measures, how this choice depends on the local conditions within the specific country, and how to ensure that all stakeholders involved are aligned, turning ambitious targets into a reality. The foundation for the development of a national roadmap is stakeholder engagement. Subsequently, policy makers need to put three pillars in place to support the selection of relevant grid integration measures for variable renewable energy: data collection and energy planning; flexibility assessment; and technology evaluation

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