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Analysis of the Tonga National Survey of Household Lightning and Electrical Appliances (Draft)

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Submitted by Kini on April 13, 2016 - 10:29am
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The principal objective of the survey was to provide a baseline for household electrical energy use in order to create energy efficiency improvement measures that could be targeted to those areas of household energy use that are most likely to be economically reasonable and to make it easier to measure the benefits of any interventions that are made. A secondary objective was to determine the characteristics of the lighting stock in Tongatapu residences so that a re-lamping project could be created that would specifically address replacement of the types of lower efficiency lights that are the most used in Tongatapu homes. As a third benefit, the questionnaire and form of the survey was consistent with other household energy surveys carried out in the same time frame by teams from the PEEP2 project (Samoa, Vanuatu and PNG), UNDP/SPC (Tuvalu) and UNDP/IUCN in Nauru making comparisons possible. A final benefit will be the provision of new information needed to update the TERM energy efficiency goals for the residential sector.

The Tonga Statistics Department was contracted to carry out the survey by the IIEC, the primary contractor for the PEEP2 project.

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This report is a draft version. Please email SPC ( or Tonga Energy Office to access this report.