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EU-GIZ ACSE: Samoa Energy Bill and the development and implementation of sustainable bioenergy in Samoa.

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on April 25, 2016 - 5:24pm
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Samoa country concept note for the EU-GIZ ACSE Project

This project is aligned with the Government’s Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2012- 2016 as well as several national policies and projects, aimed at reinvigorating agriculture, mitigating climate change impacts and encouraging use of sustainable energy. An Energy Bill supporting these national frameworks would be required for the successful implementation of this and complementary projects, which will ultimately reduce petroleum fuel imports. Two feasibility studies (Fairbain et al., 2010; Wright, 2011) have recommended the use of locally grown resources, such as coconut, for the production of biodiesel. Using a biodiesel pilot plant, the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa (SROS) successfully demonstrated that coconut biodiesel could be produced and used in Samoa. Another feasibility study revealed that biomass gasification for electricity generation is viable in Samoa, with STEC identified as a suitable feedstock supplier. However, a supply chain for delivering biomass to the gasifier is still required.

Samoa Energy Policy Coordination & Management Division
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