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FAESP Energy Security Indicators (2009)

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Submitted by Kini on September 14, 2016 - 4:37pm
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In August 2010 at the 41st Pacific Islands Forum at Port Vila, Vanuatu, the Leaders endorsed the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific (FAESP): 2010–2020 as the regional blueprint for the provision of technical assistance to the energy sectors of Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs).

In order to better appreciate the impacts of FAESP and its implementation plan on the energy security status of PICTs, baseline energy security indicators must be established, against which performance in future years can be benchmarked.

SPC produced the first baseline indicators in 2009, called the FAESP 2009 Country Profile. 14 booklets were produced for each of the PIC.

The project took 3 phases to be completed:

  • Phase 1: SPC completed the FAESP indicators for 2009 through email and sharing of data from energy units. The final report was completed and published in 2012 for the following countries: Tuvalu, Tonga, Niue, Solomon Islands, RMI, Samoa.
  • Phase 2: Desktop review of all energy-related data from statistics, census, presentations and report. A national workshop was conducted on 25th-28th October, 2011 in Cook Islands, 19th-21st October 2011 in Fiji, 19th- 21st December 2011 in Kiibati, 7th-8th November 2011 in Nauru,  9th-10th February 2012  in Vanuatu, 27th February 2012 in RMI and 7th-8th March 2012 in Palau.  The final energy security indicators for 2009 was completed and published in 2012.
  • Phase 3: Technical assistance was developed by the FAESP Implementation Plan for endorsement by PICTs including the identification of the energy security indicators for the Pacific island countries territories.

SPC in 2015 was carrying out data collection activities to update the 2009 energy security indicators. 

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