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Large Scale RESCO based rural electrification "proof of concept" project

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Submitted by Kini on June 13, 2016 - 2:24pm
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This report was prepard by Transenergie for the Fiji Department of Energy. Funded by the French Agency for Development.  The main objectives of this task are to (i) define the optimal institutional and regulatory framework of the project based on the results of the FIJI RESCO Project and (ii) a financial mechanism suitable for the sustained operation of the project, based on the public/private partnership concept already operational nut to be improved. The on going study has as a main objective to provide FDoE and all potentially interested parties, sufficient information to allow and plan the development of RESCO based rural electrification that can provide the expected electrical services to rural households in a fully sustainable manner, which partly means that no further public investment beyond support of the initial investment should be required.

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