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Mangaia - Cook Islands Feasibility Study for a Wind Farm Connected On The Diesel Grid.

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Submitted by Kini on March 23, 2016 - 3:51pm
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This study was funded by the France- Australian PREFACE programme for the promotion and dissemination of renewable energy projects, whose experts are used to eventually search international funding.

The Government of Cook Islands in 1999 requested SPC to see whether a pre-feasiblity study could be done on wind projects. The conclusion of the study was Mangaia was the most suitable for a wind project. Following this, SPC contracted VERGNET to carry out the feasibility study for a wind farm connected to the diesel grid of Mangaia Island. This study was followed by the installation of a wind monitoring station on the selected site and collect of the information needed to confirm the technical and financial feasibility of the wind project. 

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