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Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy "Plus" Project (PIGGAREP +)

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Submitted by Administrator on May 10, 2015 - 12:56pm
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PIGGAREP is an ongoing regional UNDP-GEF project project with a specific objective of promoting the productive uses of renewable energy (PURE) to reduce GHG emission by removing the major barriers to the widespread and cost-effective use of commercially viable renewable energy technologies (RETs). PIGGAREP+ is an expansion of the current PIGGAREP and contributes to the achievement of the PIGGAREP objective. Nevertheless, in the context of the “plus” aspect – additional activities that will showcase feasible EE technology applications and/or EE design and operation of RET applications are included in PIGGAREP+. The “plus” aspect also is manifested by the inclusion of the three non-PIGGAREP countries, which are the 3 Micronesian countries (Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau).

The specific objective of the SIDS DOCK PIGGAREP+ Project is low carbon development for Pacific SIDS through the deployment of renewable energy (RE) resources and promotion of energy efficiency (EE). PIGGAREP+ Project is designed to comprise of two components: (1) Renewable Energy Technology Applications; and, (2) Energy Efficiency Technology Applications. Below is a summary of the project activity components:

Component 1: Renewable Energy Technology Applications (RET)
Sub-Component 1.1: Solar PV Powered Rural Telecommunication Systems (SPVRTS)
Sub-Component 1.2: Solar PV Powered Well Water Pumping Systems in Haa’pai Islands (SPWPS)
Sub-Component 1.3: Solar PV Powered Well Water Pumping System and Storage in Kayangel State (PLW SREEM)

Component 2: Energy Efficiency Technology Applications (EE)
Sub-Component 2.1: Demonstration EE House (Tuvalu DEEF)
Sub-Component 2.2: Sustaining Energy Efficiency Measures in Micronesia
Sub-Component 2.3: Energy Efficiency Financing Schemes

In October 2011, a number of PICs submitted 11 project concepts for inclusion in said project. As agreed by the PICs, the top 4 ranked project concepts will be considered first during the first phase of the SIDS DOCK Program:

  1. Solomon Islands: Solar PV-Powered Rural Telecommunication Systems
  2. Tonga: Solar PV-Powered Well Water Pumping Systems in Haapai Islands
  3. Tuvalu: Energy Efficiency Demonstration House
  4. North Pacific Region: Sustaining Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Measures in Micronesia (SREEM) – comprised of PIGGAREP+ sub-components in FSM, RMI and Palau.

Since the funding allocation for Vanuatu Geothermal project was freed up, this was used to financed another 3 projects termed as the PIGGAREP++ . This is being implemented in Kiribati, Cook Islands & Samoa. 

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