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Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM)

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Submitted by Kini on September 15, 2016 - 4:15pm
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The Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM) is a unique AusAID initiative established in 2006 to respond to small-scale, urgent or emerging development needs in Pacific countries. PACTAM provides human resources and equipment procurement aligned to Australian Government and development partner priorities. The AUS Aid funding in providing a national advisor and specialising in various areas such as Renewable Energy Technology, Energy Efficiency, Policy and in the Petroleum sector.

PACTAM, and its predecessor PACTAF (the Pacific Technical Assistance Facility), have both been managed exclusively by Australian Volunteers International (AVI) since inception. AVI has been engaged by AusAID to manage all administrative arrangements associated with the technical inputs including: the recruitment and selection of deployees; preparation, orientation and repatriation of deployees; and in-country monitoring of deployees.

A review was commissioned in 2011 to conduct an independent evaluation of PACTAM and to prepare an Independent Progress Report (IPR) to inform future programming and management arrangements. An independent monitoring and evaluation specialist led the review, with analytical as well as logistical support from the AusAID Activity Manager for PACTAM. The review process was designed to be both participatory and reflexive. Particular attention was given to exploring and triangulating data/information and perspectives from the four major stakeholders – AusAID, AVI, PACTAM deployees and partner governments. The review commenced in August 2011 and completed in February 2012.

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Technical cooperation

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