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PIGGAREP+ Project - North Pacific: Sustaining Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Measures in Micronesia (SREEM)

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Submitted by Administrator on May 10, 2015 - 12:56pm
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North Pacific Region: Sustaining Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Measures in Micronesia (SREEM) – comprised of PIGGAREP+ sub-components in FSM, RMI and Palau.

  1. Federated States of Micronesia

The proposed FSM SREEM project is comprised of activities that are aimed at improving the performance of presently operational power generation units in the 4 state power utilities in FSM. It also includes activities for assisting FSMDB in the preparation and development, establishments and operationalization of its planned Home Energy Loan Program that will support EE projects in the residential sector in FSM. 

2. Republic of Marshall Islands 

3. Palau

The proposed Palau SREEM Project is designed to facilitate the supply of sustainable renewable energy (RE)-based power for social uses (and also some productive uses) particularly water supply in the Kayangel state of Palau. Solar energy, which is available in the country, is the target RE resource. The project will replace the electric motor driven pumps of the Kayangel well water systems with more cost effective, environment-friendly solar PV power units. 

As agreed with the Palau SIDS DOCK national coordinator (based at the Palau Energy Office), instead of implementing the originally proposed SIDS DOCK funded activities of the Palau component of the North Pacific: SREEM Project, the activity of installing a solar PV power water pumping system in Kayangel state will be carried out.

The installed solar powered water pumping equipment and overhead water storage system will be used to supply water to the community in Kayangel State.


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Grant Aid

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