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Preparatory Phase of the Samoa Photovoltaic Electrification Programme - Survey Report Final Draft

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on November 13, 2015 - 10:18am
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Preparatory Phase of the Samoa Photovoltaic Electrification Programme - Survey Report Final Draft. Contract 2007 - 005 UNDP Apia, Samoa. Report is about the preparatory phase to determine the technology to be used for electrificatino of those households that remain off-grid.  Samoa has one of the highest rates of electrification in the Pacific with recent estimates showing 95%or moreof the households are connected to the national grid

Because most of  the unconnected households are expected to be located too far from the grid for extension of the grid to be financially practical for homeowners to connect, it is anticipated that many households will need an independent electricity supply, probably provided by solar photovoltaic systems. The intended outcome of this preparatory phase is a detailed grid extension and off-grid renewable energy based  rural electrification program to provide the remaining non-electrified households in
Samoa with 24-hour power. As part of this preparatory phase a consultancy was undertaken for household survey design, surveyor training design, survey analysis, a
feasibility study and preparation of a Project Document for completion of electrification in Samoa. This document is a report of the survey component of the project.

Content of the report includes: Survey objectives for both electrified & unelectrified households, methodology, survey design, analysis and survey results. 

Annexes include Survey Analysis for Unelectrified Households, Survey analysis for Electrified Households with comparison to Unelectrified Housholds, Map showing the location of surveyed households and the questionnaires used for the survey.

Keywords: solar pv Samoa Upolu Savai'i grid connected household energy survey off grid

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