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Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities of the US Affiliate States (Excluding US Virgin Islands): Consolidated Report - Northern Pacific Island Utilities

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on June 8, 2015 - 11:27am
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In the year 2010 , KEMA Inc conducted a study for the Pacific Power Association (PPA) called “Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities of the U.S. Affiliate States
(excluding US Virgin Islands)” for 9 Northern Pacific Island Utilities. This Consolidated Report gives an overview of the major findings and results of the study. KEMA’s assignment included 10 Northern Pacific Island Utilities, but during the course of the project, it became necessary to postpone the study for one of the islands, American Samoa, to 2011.

Project objectives for each island utility studied:

  1. Quantify energy losses in the power system.
  2. Prepare an Electrical Data Handbook with electrical characteristics for all high 
  3. voltage equipment.
  4. Prepare a digital circuit model of the power system using EASY POWER, an established commercial engineering analysis package.
  5. Prepare a prioritized replacement list of power system equipment to reduce technical losses. 
  6. Identify sources of non-technical losses.
  7. Recommend strategies for reducing both technical and non -technical losses.

The nine (9) utilities studied were the following :

  • Chuuk Public Utility Corporation (CPUC)
  • Pohnpei Utility Corporation (PUC)
  • Kosrae Utility Authority (KUA)
  • Marshalls Energy Company (MEC)
  • Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Resources (KAJUR)
  • Guam Power Authority (GPA)
  • Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC)
  • Yap State Public Service Corporation (YSPSC)
  • Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC)

KEMA prepared a report for each of the nine utilities with findings and results of the study, including recommendations. Supporting documentation was included in appendices
containing calculations of losses and cost/benefit analyses of remedial actions to reduce losses and enhance efficiency. In addition, KEMA prepared Data Handbooks for each utilityand power system grid models using Easy Power software.

Report was sourced from the PPA website at the following link:

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