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Review of Existing Subsidy and Incentive Schemes - Fiji (Final Report)

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Submitted by Kini on April 5, 2016 - 11:43am
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This report was prepared by the IT Power to the UNDP. This report is part of work commissioned by the UNDP to help Fiji meet its Renewable Energy Power Project (FREPP) goals. This work is intended to contribute to the revitalisation of the renewable energy market in Fiji, especially where IPPs are concerned. Of particular interest is the policy framework regulating both public and the private investments in renewable energy, and the incentives which could be applied to stimulate growth in the sector. The work is divided into three components, a) the development of standard Power Purchase Agreements, b) the formulation of Investment Promotion Packages, and c) the assessment and development of Renewable Energy Incentive Schemes. This report contributes to part c) and reviews the existing subsidy and incentive schemes in Fiji. It will be incorporated into the Final Report.

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