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Small Energy Projects Programme (SEPP)

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on June 4, 2015 - 3:02pm
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SPC launched 3 sustainable energy partnerships at the SIDS Conference:

  1. Melanesia’s Million Miracle Programme (M3P)
  2. Cooking for Life (CFL) Programme
  3. Bicycles for Capitals (BfC).

SEPP is a small discretionary fund to support national effort in relation to the three partnerships above as well as effort in the energy-water-food nexus. SEPP is a partnership between SPC and the Government of Australia. Deadline for accepting applications of projects to be supported under the SEPP is the 31st May 2015. Total fund requested of the SEPP will be no more than FJD 25,000 per project. 

As of September 2016, below are the confirmed projects funded under the SEPP. 

No Applicant  Name of Project Amount of FJD funding request Country
1 Anglican Church of Melanesia in SI  (ACOM)( Church of Melanesia Trust Board - Incorporated)         Miracle Light Programme in SI 25,000 SI
Francis Kebu Sulua                      
2 Honiara Based West Guadalcanal Constituency Association Trust (HBWGCA) Hulavu Conference Centre Energy Project 9,914 SI
Fred Conning 
3 Fanau NiutaoFunafuti Association (FNFA)  Efficient Stove and cleaner fuel for cooking 25,900 Tuvalu
Mafalu Lotolua                      
4 Kiribati Gender & Climate Coalition (KI Gender CC) Efficient Cooking for the Improvement of Livelihoods in Kiribati 24,900 Kiribati
Itintaake Etati
  Total ( 4) projects)   85,714  
Type of Funding: 
Technical cooperation and assistance

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