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Tonga First Wind Turbine Project

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on June 8, 2016 - 4:11pm
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Construction of the first 11 kW wind turbine in Tonga completes at the project site in Nakolo on Friday, 16 May 2013.

The wind turbine was installed by Tonga Power with engineering support provided by Gaia Wind. Craig Jones along with his associate Jim Cairns, a mechanical engineer from Gaia Wind travelled to Tonga to help install the wind turbine at Nakolo. Parts of their trip are to provide training to the staff that will operate and maintain the wind turbine project.

At maximum capacity, the wind farm will generate 27, 000 kWhrs of electricity, enough to power around 23 homes in every year.

The wind turbine took around three days to construct. The process took place in three main steps. The first unit assembled in the base tower foundation section. Then the remaining tower section is slipped onto the first section, nacelle and hub are lifted into place and bolted onto the top of the tower. The turbine blade is then put in place to complete the process.

Mr Chen says the turbine will be in a position to be generating power once the wind speed reaches 3.5 m/s and it is expected that the turbine can reach a capacity of up to 11 kW when the wind speed reaches a constant 9.5m/s or more.

The wind turbine was manufactured in UK, designed by Gaia Wind, a renowned expert in small wind turbine design in Denmark.

This is the first wind turbine to be maintained and operated by Tonga Power – the first of its capacity installed in Tonga and the foundation, the first of its design ever built.

The turbine towers and components arrived at the Port of Tonga in April and were transported to the project site at Nakolo to progress with erecting the tower and installing the turbines. The commissioning of the wind turbine will commence in June.   

Turbine Facts and Figures

  • Each turbine, fully assembled, is 18.4m meters high and weighs just over 4,000kg
  • Each turbine consists of three main parts – the base tower, the nacelle and the blades.
  • Each base tower is 18.4 meters high and weighs approximately 3,200kg
  • The turbine blade is 13 meters long and weigh approximately 200kg
  • Each nacelle is approximately 2.5 meters in length and weighs 900kg. The nacelle is the part of the wind turbine that sits on top of the tower and contains the generator and associated controls.
  • The turbine has a maximum generation capacity11 kW 
    Turbines will generate efficient electricity in wind speeds of 3.5m/s


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