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Tuvalu Outer Islands Solar PV Installations - NZ Funded

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on August 26, 2016 - 12:20pm
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 Seven islands have been identified for the installation of solar panel and battery systems, aimed at providing a 24 hour service for about 90% of the time – the diesel generators will be preserved to cover the emergency backup.
The EU are funding the installations on the three southern islands (total of 110kWp), Nukulaelae, Nukufetau, and Nui, and NZMFAT are funding the installations on the four northern islands, Nanumea (195kW), Nanumaga (205kW), Niutao (230 kW) and Vaitupu (400kW).  The aim is to have all of these remote island installations monitored by TEC on Fogafale, in order to facilitate timely maintenance, and maximize the uptime. These installations will dramatically decrease the cost and logistics of supplying diesel to the outer islands. 
The 4 mini-grid systems were commissioned between July - December 2015. Estimated fuel savings of 198,000 litres/years is obtained from these RE installations. 
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Grant Aid

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