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Vanuatu Global Partnership on Output Based Aid Grid Based Electricity Access Project (GPOBA) - Improved Electricity Access Project (IEA)

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Submitted by Amali Shaw on August 24, 2016 - 4:13pm
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The objective of the Global Partnership on Output Based Aid (GPOBA) Improved Electricity Access Project for Vanuatu is to increase sustainable access to formal grid-based electricity services within Vanuatu’s electricity concession service areas for low income customers through targeted subsidies. The project has four components.

  1. Output Based Aid (OBA) subsidies for new electricity connections for low-income households’ component will provide one-off OBA subsidy to cover up to 80 percent of the cost of connecting low-income households to grid-based electricity services in Vanuatu. The subsidy will be available for both post-paid electricity meters and pre-paid meters.
  2. OBA subsidies for household wiring for low-income households accessing electricity services under the project component will provide one-off OBA subsidies to cover the cost of household wiring for low-income households accessing grid-based electricity services under the project, where wiring is not to standard or not in place. The households will be wired according to a standard design for the project in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards. Household wiring will include cabling and backfilling from the utility meter box to a ready board in the consumer’s premises.
  3. Implementation support for project management, communications and outreach, and training component will oversee implementation and develop longer-term institutional capacity for managing energy-related subsidies.
  4. Independent verification component will fund a suitably qualified consultant or firm as an Independent Verification Agent to undertake the verification of outputs under the project

Documents on the GPOBA Project, World Bank website:

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