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Vanuatu Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific (PEEP) - Phase 2

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Submitted by Kini on September 29, 2016 - 3:38pm
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sub regional
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Vanuatu does not have indigenous sources of fossil fuels, and is highly dependent on imported fossil fuels to support its economy.  The escalating prices of imported fuel has placed considerable burden on Government to meet its economic growth goals.  Vanuatu has considerable technical potential for hydropower generation, and also a number of potential geothermal sites which have been identified, however, utilization of these renewable energy potentials has been limited to date.  The key challenges for the power sector include (i) developing alternative power supplies to reduce the impact to the economy from diesel importation, (ii) increasing access to electricity, particularly in off-grid areas, (iii) delivering sustainable operation and maintenance models for rural electrification projects, and (iv) coordinating donor activities in the power sector.

Key words: Vanuatu,  Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific (PEEP) 

Type of Funding: 
Technical cooperation